Becoming a Designated Member of the Appraisal Institute is a rigorous but ultimately fulfilling process, combining classroom education and real world experience. Our Chapter, made up of many members who hold these Designations, recognizes the hard work and dedication of our Candidates as they work towards their designation goals. We’re here to assist our Candidates, and want you to achieve your Designations!

Please see below for resources to help you on your path to Designation.  Of course, if you have questions along the way, don’t hesitate to contact your Advisor!  Also, as Candidate Guidance Committee Chairpersons and Vice-Chairs, you can contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the program:

Ronald Haberman, MAI, General Committee Chair
Andrew W. Albro, MAI Vice-Chair
Anne Sheehan, MAI, Vice-Chair

Kevin Matheson, SRA, Residential Committee Co-Chair
Gerard O’Connor, SRA, AI-RRS, Co-Chair

The following resources will help you along your path to designation:

Designation Resources
Candidate Resource Manual
MAI Designated Membership Chart
SRA Designated Membership Chart
AI-GRS Designated Membership Chart
AI-RRS Designated Membership Chart
Alternative Review Designation Path for AI Designated Members
Candidate Policy Manual

Questions about the Comprehensive Exam (for MAI, AI-GRS, and AI-RRS Candidates)? Click here for info such as exam dates, fees, and links to Guidebooks, FAQ’s and Supplemental Study Guides.

If you’re an MAI Candidate preparing to take the Comprehensive Exam, there are review courses developed and instructed by John H. Urubek, MAI, Gary DeWeese, MAI, and Ted Whitmer, MAI, AI-GRS.  We note that these courses are not sponsored, developed, recommended or approved by the Appraisal Institute or any of its chapters.

If you would like more info on these review courses, please see the following links:

John H. Urubek, MAI, CCIM – Comprehensive Review of Appraisal Concepts
Gary DeWeese, MAI – Prep Materials for the Comprehensive Exam
Ted Whitmer, MAI, AI-GRS – Comprehensive Workshop

For MAI or SRA Candidates, the following pages offer several options for completing the Demonstration of Knowledge requirement:

Demonstration of Knowledge – MAI Path
Demonstration of Knowledge – SRA Path

For many MAI Candidates, the Capstone Course has become a popular option for completing the Demo requirement.  Click here for more details on the Capstone Course to see if this option is for you. (NOTE: The Capstone Course is available in “classroom” and “live online (synchronous)” formats).

For information on New York State Appraiser Licensing/Certification, please click on the following links:

NYS Divison of Licensing Services – Real Estate Appraiser FAQ
NYS Certified and Licensed Real Estate Appraiser License Law

Good Luck to all of our Candidates!