VERY IMPORTANT – Proposed changes to Governance/Structure of the Appraisal Institute

Why this is important:

Last Governance change was decades ago. The next may be tooGovernance change does not happen overnight. This is an opportunity to impact your AI benefits.

Annual dues can changeWhile the goal is to become more efficient, reduce costs and lower annual member dues, the ultimate goal is to maximize membership value. This requires a balance of services desired by the members versus their cost.

Delivery of Member Services can change– Reduction of dues/costs means some member benefits could be added, removed or modified. Whether that benefit is administered on a national, regional or local level impacts the size and structure of national, regions and chapters.

Delivery of Education/Seminars can changeMore efficient delivery of education could change the balance of education offered nationally, locally or online.

Member Representation can changeCurrently AI uses chapters and regions to gather then represent member concerns at the national level. Flattening the organization means each of us will need to individually manage our concerns directly at the national level.

What each of us must do:

Please read the Governance Restructure FAQs and review the entire presentation.

  1. Read these documents and submit at what kind of governance and member services would enhance the value of your membership, which would not and any ideas for improvement. It does not have to be polished, just what you think.
  1. If you have questions or feel more comfortable, feel free to contact any of the Board members listed below and we will answer your questions or submit comments for you.


Your Long Island AI Chapter Officers and Region IV Representatives have been conferencing throughout the summer to consider these recommendations.

Direct questions, comments and suggestions to any of us at:

Michael Scalia, MAI, AI-GRS   516-390-9433
Tonia Vailas, MAI                   212-386-0479
Charissa Kwan, MAI, AI-GRS   516-282-3935
John Biordi, MAI                516-744-6188
Howard Morris, SRA           631-434-3300
Anthony Marmorale, SRA    516-500-6625
Rob Lynch, SRA, Region IV Chair          207-899-0310

This is an opportunity for you to make your voice heard. Please respond as soon as possible.


Michael Scalia, MAI, AI-GRS
2017 President, Long Island Chapter AI

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